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Lisa Zager

Lisa is a modern abstract artist and designer based in Nashville, Tennessee. She spends most of her time painting, bringing inspiration from her favorite artist, Paul Rand and her travels abroad. She owns an interior design firm in Nashville, transforming extremely traditional homes of the south to a more contemporary colorful timeless statement. She has worked with residential, commercial, and developers, helping to establish her various styles for different settings. The value of scale, balance, and color placement is something she holds most dear as it can transform a simple space into so much more.

Raised in the south, Lisa studied art at Stephens College. She then went onto the Harrington Institute of Interior Design in Chicago, IL. While there, she continued to study painting, fashion & design at the Art Institute of Chicago. She is truly inspired by pattern, architecture, painting, color and furniture. She is drawn to the various relationships between colors, shapes, and objects, how they work well next to one another and the necessary space in between. She especially admires the work of highly renowned American Modernist, Paul Rand (1914-1966).

Lisa has been featured in several Galleries throughout the Southeast, ranging from Bee Street Studio, 1930 Gallery, Nashville Artist Collective, and much much more. She was feature in Serena Lilly, One Kings Lane, and was showcased in the Atlanta Southeastern Showhouse 2019.

Traveling is not only a favorite pastime, but an inspiration in all parts of her design.

She currently lives and works in Nashville, TN and adores spending her free time with her two sons.

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Lisa Zager Interiors, LLC

Founded by Lisa Zager, an interior designer and a modern artist who works with developers, commercial and residential clients in the Southeast.


Scale, Balance, and color placement are of most importance in any interior or exterior setting. She has the understanding of these elements in her decorating solutions. Lisa has the ability to make a comfortable and meaningful statement with her design ideas whether the approach is eclectic, traditional or modern interior design. She can bring a color concept together with interesting values of lights and darks.

Combining simplicity and elegance is what we strive for. Our approach to interiors is fresh and simple, emphasizing functionality with a discerning eye for scale and placement of color.

In our efforts to help our interior design practices become more sustainable, we work with clients existing art and furniture, understanding the parameters of budgeting and encourage our clients to re-use and re-purpose.

Lisa Zager Interiors have been recognized for excellence in both design and service by "Best of Nashville" Nashville Scene in 2011 and Houzz's Best of 2015. 

In addition, we also offer Artwork Services including buying, placing and/or lighting your artwork.

Remodeling and Home Design