MBA Fall Art Show

Join me for the opening reception of the 2015 Montgomery Bell Academy Art Show presented by the MBA Mothers Club on Sunday, September 13th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. Hors d'Oeurves and Wine included. So excited to be one of the featured artists for this years show. 


4001 Harding Road
Nashville, TN 37205
(615) 298-5514

Featured Artist: Hector Frank Heredia

Born in Havana in 1961, Hector Frank first trained as an electoral engineer. After years of working for the Cuban government, he quit his job to pursue art. Through his works, Frank expresses his inner creativity and depicts the influences, colors, textures, sounds, and landscapes of Cuban life. 

Now widely acclaimed, he has exhibited throughout Cuba and internationally in France, Mexico, Belgium, Malaysia and the United States. Bill and Tracy Frist encountered Frank on their travels to Cuba. This fall, Frank will be the Artist in Residence in Sinking Creek, Virginia, as part of SCORE's Mountain Artist in Residence initiative. White there, he will draw upon the natural environment and Appalachian setting to create a series of pieces in paint and in a material medium. 

- From "Cuban Summer Features"

I became enamored with Heredia's work while visiting: "Cuban Summer: A Night of Art and Culture" presented by Jackson Life Insurance and Pierce & Co. The art studio was a transformed open house, an incredible way to display the home for sale as well as it's interiors and the designers. One of his pieces now resides in my residence. 

Featured Artist: Brent Wadden

He might still call his work "paintings." But Brent Wadden's newest collection aren't the oils he's produced in the past. Instead he embellishes raw canvases with hand-woven yarns, wool, cotton, and acrylic sourced from Craigslist, eBay, and thrift stores. March '15


Brent Wadden was chosen as our featured artist for his expertise of turning previously used materials into incredible works of art, featuring incredible textures and lines with a simplistic eye. 
Wadden's artwork adds natural elements to a modern space, tying in the perfect marriage of tradition and modern together. Take a look at some of our favorite pieces below.

Painting - Handwoven fibers, wool, cotton and acrylic on canvas
22.24 by 9.65 in.  56.5 by 24.5 cm

2 Panel Grey
Painting - Handwoven fibers, wool cotton and acrylic on canvas
72.83 by 78.74 in.  185 by 200 cm.

Big Red
Painting - Handwoven, wool, cotton and acrylic on canvas
100.39 by 76.77in.  255 by 195 cm

BRENT WADDEN at the Almine Rech Gallery
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Lisa Zager Fine Art

Just finished these Watercolor, Pastel + Ink pieces to submit for an art show here in Nashville. Check them out and we'll keep you posted on where you can find these pieces in the future! Interested in purchasing some of Lisa's art? Click the "Hire Us" link and fill out the contact section. 

"Radiate" by Lisa Zager 18x24

"Radiate" by Lisa Zager 18x24

"Topple" by Lisa Zager 18x24

"Topple" by Lisa Zager 18x24

"Bright Lights" by Lisa Zager 18x24

"Bright Lights" by Lisa Zager 18x24

"City Scape" by Lisa Zager 18x24

"City Scape" by Lisa Zager 18x24

"Woven" by Lisa Zager 18x24

"Woven" by Lisa Zager 18x24

NeoCon 2015

We're just returned from NeoCon 2015 in Chicago, North America's largest design exposition and conference for commercial interiors. What an inspiration to walk amongst such great design. Below we feature some of our favorite pieces and companies which we look forward to using in our upcoming commercial/office projects. Interesting in re-designing your workspace? We're currently looking for more commercial clients. Click the "Hire Us" button to reach out!

Introducing Sway—a revolutionary lounge seating solution that offers users true freedom of movement. Its innovative design is based on a unique orbital motion, allowing users to move freely from front to back, side to side, and everywhere in between. Sway enables users to work, study, think or relax for hours on end with uninterrupted comfort. With an aesthetic that challenges convention, Sway is thoroughly modern yet adaptive enough to be used anywhere. Available at 

Parentesit offers comfort in contemporary shared environments. It is an acoustic wall module that reduces extraneous background noise to allow concentration for collaboration or independent thinking. The bold, graphic forms are available in three shapes: a circle, a square or an oval, that speak to diverse environments and can be further customized with the addition of a Bluetooth speaker or LED light. These geometric forms can stand alone or be paired together for greater impact. See more at

Sneak Peek into Lisa's Own Home

Just a sneak peek of the recent tour of Lisa's own home, more photos and the story of her renovation coming next week!