Featured Artist: Hector Frank Heredia

Born in Havana in 1961, Hector Frank first trained as an electoral engineer. After years of working for the Cuban government, he quit his job to pursue art. Through his works, Frank expresses his inner creativity and depicts the influences, colors, textures, sounds, and landscapes of Cuban life. 

Now widely acclaimed, he has exhibited throughout Cuba and internationally in France, Mexico, Belgium, Malaysia and the United States. Bill and Tracy Frist encountered Frank on their travels to Cuba. This fall, Frank will be the Artist in Residence in Sinking Creek, Virginia, as part of SCORE's Mountain Artist in Residence initiative. White there, he will draw upon the natural environment and Appalachian setting to create a series of pieces in paint and in a material medium. 

- From "Cuban Summer Features"

I became enamored with Heredia's work while visiting: "Cuban Summer: A Night of Art and Culture" presented by Jackson Life Insurance and Pierce & Co. The art studio was a transformed open house, an incredible way to display the home for sale as well as it's interiors and the designers. One of his pieces now resides in my residence.